Digital Events — Product Design Case study

Akshobhya R
4 min readSep 1, 2020


Weddings in India are a big deal. With a huge wedding hall, hundreds of guests, Music, Dance, Dine, etc., they are more like festivals. Not just weddings, but any event that involves a group of people becomes a festival in India.

Because of the COVID pandemic, a lot of such events planned are either postponed, canceled, or conducted without guests. I wanted to create an application for guests to attend events digitally. Even though the users are miles away from each other, I wanted them to feel as if they are attending the event personally.


My first step in this process was brainstorming. I took a short survey among my family to learn what are the things they miss about attending an event.

Problems identified from this Survey:

Events can be Live-streamed, but through this survey, I got to know that people don’t prefer watching Live-streams for more than a while. Why because it is usually a single camera streaming and if people don’t like what they are looking at, they get bored after a while and they don’t have any other choice. But when people attend events personally, they can move between places and get to see different things.

One of the things people miss the most about events is getting to talk with each other. Events are places where friends and relatives around the world meet, talk, laugh, and have fun. It’s boring to attend an event without having anyone to talk with.


  1. Option for guests to choose among the live streams
  2. Option for guests to talk with each other

Target Audience:

  1. User: Men and Women above 15 years old
  2. Market: People who like socializing

Main features in the App:

  1. Multi-camera live streaming: In a device, the host can log in to the application using their User ID and live stream from that device’s camera. Similarly, they can stream from several devices. Each device will focus on a different area of that event. The guests can switch between this multi-streaming to view according to their preference. This feature will be useful during situations like more than one ritual being performed at the same time in the wedding or similar situations at any event.
  2. Group Video Calls: Once a guest joins the event, they have Guest groups to join. One can either create a new group or join one of the existing groups. The users can see the names of those who are in that group and join that chat room if they prefer. Once they join a group, they can video chat with others in that group. If it is a Private group, the users outside the group cannot see the names of members, and the joining request to that group has to be approved by one of its members. The users can leave a group anytime and join another group to chat with other people. When someone is in a group, they can invite others to join their group. This feature will be very helpful for those who want to catch up with their friends.


User Interface (Visual Design):

The blue color is used as the Dominant color. It's complementary, Orange is used for Accent color.

iPad Mockup of the Host screen
Host Screen
Guest Screen


One of the best things about attending events is getting to meet people. This is my idea for providing a digital solution to experience events as real as possible. Thank you for Reading.



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